Review: Steelpreacher – Back From Hell

You like sleaze metal, Airbourne, and beer? There’s a pretty big chance you’ll also like what’s about to follow.

Just in time for their 20th anniversary, the German underground-veterans Steelpreacher (or STEELPREACHER to be precise) release their sixth studio effort Back From Hell on May 8th 2021 via ACFM Records. They took their sweet time releasing this record, as it has been almost six years since their last album Devilution. But, as the saying goes, you shouldn’t rush art. And if loving beer and metal can be considered art (as it definitely should), Steelpreacher could be considered the Da Vincis of their craft.

Although their self-description is “fuck’in Metal”, oftentimes they come extremely close to hard- and pub-rock. Especially the highly energized opener Here For The Beer reminds me heavily of the aforementioned Airbourne. But that’s not meant to be negative. The song get’s straight to the point. It wants you to party, and it probably will succeed, once you’re allowed to party again.

The album’s title track leaves you hardly any time to breathe. With a wicked riff, a great chorus and some awesome twin-guitar work. It leaves nothing to be desired for a beer drinking metal fan.

Da Damn Booze brings in a little boogie with its grooving drumparts and rattling guitar-lines. Even the most natural percussive instrument given to man finds its use on this one. I’m talking about finger-snapping of course (Hand-claps aren’t metal enough. They’re mainstream bullshit).

What’s the best thing to do, when a cold hearted woman is mad at you? Closing your eyes and dreaming of beer of course! Other than being good advise, Wish You Where Beer should probably become a live-staple in the future. Its massive gang-shout-chorus sounds build for crowds after all.

When The Iron Calls is yet another great metal stomper, with great double-bass drum-work. Ironically, Beer, Meat ‘n Metal sounds more like pub-rock again. But it nonetheless sports rad riffs and a great singalong chorus.

You’re not drunk or tired yet? Good! There are still four more tracks left to get wasted to. And they’re just as good as the previous ones. I could have described them all as well, but honestly, I just don’t want to use the same adjectives over and over again. They’re all bangers with great riffs, great choruses, awesome drum-work and some dope bass-lines. No filler on this record.

Forget what I wrote at the beginning of this review. You like rock, metal and beer? Then you will definitely like this album. Clocking in at about 41 minutes, Back From Hell also doesn’t overstay its welcome. Which is important, because we beer-drinkers usually don’t have that impressive attention spans anymore. I’ll go now and check out the rest of their back-catalogue, where I hope to find some songs about beer.

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