Interview: Barbarian Prophecies

Recently, DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed Barbarian Prophecies.

Hey, how are you?

Hi there! First of all we would like to thank you for the support and for this interview. All good around here, despite the current with the pandemic situation. 

Can you tell us something about the history of Barbarian Prophecies?

Barbarian Prophecies is an extreme metal band founded in Lugo, Galicia (Spain) in 2000 after the merger of two previous local bands called Barbarianth and Venomous Prophecies. To date the band has released 2 Eps, 2 Demos and 5 full albums. Horizon is our last job to date, was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kollapse Studio by Iván Ferro during the winter of 2020/2021. 

For people not knowing Barbarian Prophecies (yet), how would you describe your music yourself?

Barbarian Prophecies is an extreme metal band that fuses classic Scandinavian or melodic death metal with multiple influences from other styles within metal and also outside of these genres. 

When someone doesn’t know Barbarian Prophecies yet and you can choose one of your songs to present yourself, which song would that be?

Perhaps I would choose Übermensch from our latest album Horizon as it combines many of our influences ranging from death metal sounds to prog passages and even elements of flamenco or atmospheres created with synths.

What makes Barbarian Prophecies unique?

Surely the element that makes BP different is the mix of styles within our music. We let our imagination flow when composing, without brakes or barriers and that makes the combination of the influences of all the members of the band result in a style with its own personality.

Any future plans you can already tell us something about?

We are preparing new videos and audiovisual material to present and promote our new album. We are also planning concerts but focused on 2022 since it seems that the current situation continues to put a brake on the underground scene, many concert clubs and many bands are disappearing, we are living in difficult times but we have to adapt and always move forward.

Any upcoming gigs for Barbarian Prophecies? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

We have a few dates closed this year but little by little they are being canceled and it seems that perhaps until next year it will not be possible to play live, at least in the underground scene in Spain. We would very much like to visit The Netherlands, if a band reads this interview and wants to do some concert exchange, let them contact us and we can do a tour of the two countries. We have plans to go to Germany, Hungary or Portugal next year, we hope to visit all the places we can.

How do you think your life would be without music?

The truth is that I cannot imagine life without music, I have been many years in it and it is part of our lives. If it were not like that, we would not go on, here in our country metal is a minority and undervalued music, in most cases it is not considered part of the culture, it is a shame but it is the reality. For this reason there are no Spanish rock or metal bands that are relevant internationally or that are part of the history of rock or metal internationally, here there is no real support, the few bands that achieve something is always with the help of labels from outside Spain.

What advice would you give to young and starting bands?

The best advice they can give you is to avoid falling into the competition and always seek to share and help others, this in the end will always benefit you and you will get positive experiences that is what is really worth it. On the other hand, never give up, you always have to adapt to everything and be aware that you will never be the best, enjoy what you do and always keep going. When your band or the music becomes a burden instead of an escape route, it is that you go the wrong way, take a step back, analyze what happens and always seek balance, the right way is positive and always brings good experiences.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Thank you very much to all who have read the interview, if someone wants to exchange material or concerts with us we are always willing to help whoever we can, email us to be in contact.

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