Review: Sodom – Sacred Warpath

Sodom, which metalhead doesn’t know them? I think every metalhead heard of the name, specially thrashers. Sodom is Tom Angelripper on bass and vocals, guitarist Bernemann and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald. Sodom plays thrash metal and hails from Germany. Now they have released their newest EP Sacred Warpath.

Sacred Warpath is an appetizer for what to come in the future from Sodom. It has four tracks on it and has an total length of 19 minutes. Besides the title track Sacred Warpath has three live tracks on it. This is thrash in an ultimately brutal heavy way. Just as you want your thrash metal to be. Fast, loud, heavy, this is the EP you need to blow your neighbors away. Turn up the volume and go totally crazy on this EP. When you listen to this EP you can’t wait no longer for future music of Sodom. This is a really nice appetizer from them.

Thrash metal maniacs, I speak to you. Go listen to Sacred Warpath by Sodom, you’ll love it!

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