Review: Sodom – Out of the Frontline Trench

Thrash metallers Sodom are one of the best-known German bands, also stemming from the big thrash metal wave in the mid-80s. Since then, the line-up changed quite a bit, with Tom Angelripper being the only founding member left. The last change occurred back in 2018, and we can check how the band performs on their current EP, entitled Out of the Frontline Trench.

The EP contains three new songs, the re-recorded Agent Orange song and a live version of Bombenhagel. The latter two first: Agent Orange got a new coating and feels a lot fresher than the original, while the live version of Bombenhagel shows off Sodom’s live skills. Thus, both songs are nice additions to the new stuff. Now to the new stuff: the first songs is called Genesis 19 and is as typical a thrash metal song as they come – very fast, very melodic, with many nice guitar riffs. Next up is Down on Your Knees, which starts off with a nice little drum solo, destined to win my heart (at least). Otherwise, it’s a typical Sodom song, as is the title track.

In conclusion: while short, the new material and the re-recorded Agent Orange show that the new group members work well together, and while no earth-shattering novelties await you here, Out of the Frontline Trench shows consistency throughout and wettens the appetite for a new full-length – because the reliable is sometimes still the best. Meanwhile, especially as a thrash metal fan, give this EP a go. 9/10.

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