Review: Ghost Bath – Moonlover

Ghost Bath, an depressive black metal band, but not as you used to hear. The mastermind behind this band is called Nameless and he is the only bandmember. Ghost Bath already released one EP and one LP and now here is Moonlover! It will be released on April 10.

As I already mentioned Ghost Bath is not an usual depressive black metal band. Musically it is sometimes very near to shoegaze, but there are also parts with, for example, slower piano parts. A other example is the typical, a little bit slower black metal. Over the whole album the screams of Nameless are very melancholic, but also very creepy and dark. It gives Moonlover a kind of scary, but very nice touch. You can hear that the vocals are full of despair, hatred and sadness and I think that the vocals are mostly the reason why it is called depressive black metal, instead of just black metal. If you are sensitive for this sort of vocals than you can probably almost feel it. Ghost Bath has done a pretty nice job with Moonlover.

Depressive black metal. Depressive but good music. Moonlover by Ghost Bath!

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