Review: Apokathilosis – Where Angels Fear To Tread

Where Angels Fear to Thread brings back a almost forgotten metal and especially black metal era back, the 90’s in its most pure form. A lot of bands have tried and failed to bring 90′ metal vibe, but Apokathilosis has done it. The sound of the band and the album is similar to Rotting Christ’s 1996 issue Triarchy of Lost Lovers, in both production quality and the tone of the instruments. And I do not mean it in a bad way or in a way that they copied Rotting Christ, they didn’t but made a album that sounds in the era of great Greek black metal bands of the 90’s. The production is a bit outdated for the standard people are used to in these days but it isn’t lacking in quality. It isn’t over polished, it isn’t clean sounding and that is what black metal is supposed to be. The album isn’t the classical rotten sound of the Norwegian black metal bands, but I can certainly say that it is not worse than any of the albums considered classics in the genre. The guitars are great sounding, even during the tremolo picking parts they don’t lack in quality, the bass also and the drums are icing over the cake. The drums made this album great, their sound is awesome, not clicky or dull sounding. The songs have a great structure and do not rely on going in some insane speed to make them sound good. The whole album served the primary purpose it was made in the first place, it revived the lost sound of the 90’s black metal and for all intents and purposes the album can and I am sure will become a kind of black metal classics of the 2010’s era.

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