Live review: Soulfly, King Parrot, Incite, Lody Kong, March 3rd in Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

A while ago Soulfly announced they would tour Europe together with Lody Kong, Incite and King Parrot. With that tour they also would come to Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Immediately when I saw the announcement I know I had to go. Tonight it was finally time to see them all and it was an amazing evening.

First band of the night was Lody Kong which is led by vocalist/guitarist Igor Cavalera and drummer Zyon Cavalera. They are both sons of Max and he definitely gave them the Sepultura/Soulfly vibe. While you can hear those influences for sure, Lody Kong really tries, and succeeds, in creating their own style. These guys are full of energy and that’s to see. What an energy comes from the stage and just from the opening band, amazing! The start from their set, for example, was very nice. They were almost ready with the soundchecking, but the dj still got the music on and the lights were still on. Suddenly, lights got out, music from dj stops and Lody Kong goes from soundchecking in raging on stage. All at the same time, perfectly timed and very surprising. After a few songs the bassplayer left and a few songs later he came back. Don’t know for sure but I think something was wrong with his bass. Something I do know about that part is that the other band members perfectly fixed it. Lody Kong surprised me very well and I am very looking out to hear their debut album, which will be unleashed soon. Definitely a band to watch for the future!

Next band this evening was Incite and they kept the groove that Lody Kong created for the audience. While there was still much space, especially in the center of the venue, it slowly was getting busier. However, Incite for sure got the people grooving, in front of the venue. Hair going everywhere, fists and metal horns in the air for almost the whole time in the audience. And on stage? Another very energetic, well-playing band playing some very nice metal which perfectly fits the package of this evening.

The band that got to play as the third band this evening was King Parrot. They play grindcore in their own sort. From the moment I knew that this band was coming tonight and when I checked their music I wasn’t sure if King Parrot fitted between Lody Kong, Incite and Soulfly. While the venue was much busier now, hopefully for headliner Soulfy, King Parrot got more respons than I expected. After some time I got to the conclusion that King Parrot doesn’t play the music I like. Of course I stayed, but a little further back to the venue. Their music sounded, to me, as a wall of sound but a lot of people liked it. There was already a mosh pit and when King Parrot’s vocalist joined the people in the pit it was getting even bigger. Again a very energetic band on stage, but it looks like they took it a little less serious than the other bands tonight.

After amazingly surprising Lody Kong, very nicely grooving Incite and the less serious looking King Parrot, it was finally time for the headliner. Ex-Sepultura’s Max Cavalera and his Soulfly! Of course Soulfly isn’t Max Cavalera alone, Marc Rizzo on lead guitar, Mike Leon on bass and Zyon Cavalera on drums are also part of it, which makes Soulfly a very nice band together. One name from those I want to pick out in special. It’s the name of Zyon Cavalera. His name might be familiar with you, yes it’s true, I already mentioned him before beginning about Soulfly. He also is the drummer of Lody Kong and thus played the drums twice for different bands this evening. When I saw him drumming, with Lody Kong as well as with Soulfly, I see one thing, besides of course that he really has the skills. What an energy this guy has! Drumming for two bands on one evening with so much passion and energy till the very last note of Soulfly’s set! Good job, Zyon. Furthermore, it was a shame that Max’s vocals didn’t come out as planned, but who cares, it’s fucking Max Cavalera, a legend! Besides that Soulfly played one hell of a show and I think it was the ultimate headliner.

Enjoyed my evening very well and it was amazing to see these bands play and to finally see the true legend called Max Cavalera in real life!

Photos made by Jeroen Zierikzee

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