Review: Slaughterday – Laws Of The Occult

Hailing from Germany, F.D.A. Rekotz brings us: Slaughterday and their newest album Laws of the Occult. After three great releases, Cosmic Horror (demo/2013), Nightmare Vortex (LP/2013) and Ravenous (EP/2014), it is time for the new full length. Slaughterday is a 2 piece band including Jens Finger (guitars/bass) and Bernd Reiners (drums/vocals). Live they are playing as a five piece for all I know. The biography reveals that they are heavily influenced by Autopsy, Entombed, Massacre and Asphyx. And that pretty much sums it all up. But keep in mind it is 95% Autopsy and 5% of the other bands mentioned. I hear a little Master as well (Church of Dread). The vocals are filthy (like Reifert), the sound is dirty and the songs are in the rotten vein of the old school masters of gore. The production is a huge win as well. The guitar tone is ultra dry and the mix is just excellent. I love the simple songwriting too; no bullshit, no endless guitars leads.…a direct axe hit to the head, blunt and brutal. Torn by the Beast and the opening track Ritual of Sacrifice are my highlights of the album, but that can change in a day; no fillers here! The encore of the album is a Hallows Eve classic (Plunging to Megadeath) and that is a big bonus as well. Is it original? No it isn’t. Is it good? Hell fucking yeah!! So if you are into Autopsy, buy this shit or/and check them out on Summer Breeze 2016!!

Release date: 29-04-2016
Label: F.D.A. Rekotz

8,5 points

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