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[In Mute], a five-piece combination of Steffi (vocals), Mike, Cristobal (both guitar), Pedro (bass) and Adrián (drums), comes from Valencia, Spain. After being formed in 2003, they released their debut album Aeternum in 2006 and an EP called One In A Million a while later. In 2014, these Spanish metallers took part in the Wacken Open Air metal battle and they had much success, after all they got the best results and won! Now, since 24th of March, their new album is released, it’s called Gea.

Gea starts with an intro called We Die Together, with such a title you wouldn’t expect a relaxed, symphonic intro, but it definitely is. If you expect symphonic/epic music after listening We Die Together, than you’re in for a big surprise. Because after the intro, starting with Gea’s Defense – Disease, all energy [In Mute] had in them will come out, and I can ensure you, that’s a lot of energy. Now that the energy starts to come out, the raging part of Gea can begin. I say the raging “part”, but that’s almost the whole album after the intro, except a few, very short, moments of rest.

The music [In Mute] creates is very powerful and heavy, you could even call it raging, but also very melodic and even progressive. A lot of tempo/rhythm changes, with a very powerful, solid rhythm section taking good care of it, a few nice guitar solos and the intense growls of powerful front-woman Steffi, which you almost feel coming at you, makes Gea a really powerful, progressive melodic death metal album.

These people are very talented and this band can surely grow into a very popular band. That’s something they prove with Gea and I surely recommend you to check this great album! Great job [In Mute]!

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