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On May 5th, French death metallers Ghusa released their new album Öswedeme. DutchMetalManiac’s Don Anelli already reviewed it here and he also had some questions for Ghusa. Read his interview with Ghusa vocalist L. Chuck D. below!

Well, first off, let’s talk about the new album. Are you pleased with its reaction so far?

I confirm that we are very satisfied with the welcome new album. To this day I have never read anything negative. This opus satisfies me completely and we are very happy to see that this opinion is divided.

Do you have a favorite track off the album? What makes it special for you?

We are five in the band and I think that each one of us get his favorite track. I really like Flying in a Dark Dream. Its story is not usual because at the beginning, it was three different tracks. I took every rhythm and I made it like you can listen to it now. Its atmosphere fits perfectly to my state of mind at the time. I may not give you the same answer in a few months. I love this album as a whole, and it makes me good.

Why did you decide to work with producer Jipouille de St Loup? Did he bring out anything special to the material during the recording?

We already worked for the first time with Jipouille on our precedent production. We really loved his way to do and the result. We really wanted to record a whole album with him. He is not a simple manipulator of button, he also brings his vision on the artistic side. For example, he did insist I kept a same lead voice all the recording long. This way we can focus. And we all love the techniques he uses. All is natural and that was what we were looking for.

This was also recorded at his studio. Why did you decide it was the right place to record it there?

Nowadays too much bands try to make a technical perfect album. That can be wise for some styles but not for old school death metal. Jipouille has the ability to immerse the listener in the middle of the group. We have the impression that comes out of his house is alive and not sterilized by programming of battery or effects unrelated to music. Just listen to what he did with Treponem Pal, it’s just exceptional.

You started at the same time as the Swedish death metal bands also started. Was there any contact between each other back then to help the scene grow?

You’re right, we began at the same time but in France. At these days, there was not yet death metal’s way of life. Nowadays, things have changed. For example we share a show in Europe with Interment and Necrowretch in October. This is proof that there is a mutual. I’m very happy and proud to travel with them.

Being from France instead of Sweden, how was the specific scene for death metal at the time?

France has always got very good bands in this style. We have groups who are now a global recognition, but others who have less exposure should also. One of my favorite French band is Massacra, and they had to leave France to get a well-deserved recognition in their own country. Then there is this feature which has done that everyone is helped each other out in the 1990s. Unfortunately this is not more the case today. There are only few people who reach out to each other, there’s music that often is quality.

What makes the timing perfect for the band to finally release material today?

To me, the best moment is when you feel ready. The public has changed and you can’t stay two years without giving some new album because you’re fastly forgotten. But there is no question we got out a material that would not live up to our requirements. We will continue to offer regularly records which we will be totally satisfied, and that whatever delays.

Are you surprised at how the scene for this brand of death metal has grown since you first started?

What is surprising is that how death metal can also be a fashion victim. All of this is cyclical. But I’m very happy to see a proliferation of bands. This allows me to always listen to my favorite style of music while discovering new groups. There is not as old training found the quality. I take a lot of pleasure to discover again and again. I hope to still enjoy a few years before the fashion came back to other styles. Only the strongest will survive every time. Will we still be here then?

What plans do you have to promote the album as far as tours or videos?

We did a tour in Eastern Europe and we will remake concerts and a tour before the end of the year. However I had an accident of motorbike three weeks ago and I don’t know when I can go back on stage. We had also planned to shoot a video this summer, but all of this is questioned because my health does not allow me to participate in this event.

Hope you get better soon! 

So, we’ll end this on a fun note. If you could travel back in time to give your younger self career advice, what would it be?

I will think to myself only one thing : « Do not change of band! »

Do you wish to say something to our readers?

I wanted to thank everyone who sent a message of support in recent weeks after my accident. I give you appointment on stage and remember that God hates us all.

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