Review: Siksided – Leave No Stone Unturned

Ciao ragazzi da Trieste! Love the place! Focaccia forever! And your record is just as tasty.

I won’t insult you as your briefing memo says (haha) but this is what I’m going to constructively say!

The opening tune Disposable Livings thunders nicely and has a nice staccato to it. Leaf is excellent as song and great on the mellow day’s playlist. Fragments is a little ploddy for me but awesome scream at 2:31!

Meant To Be is a greatly written piece and a good, relaxing listener. Wicked howl and tempo change at 3:46 and onwards! Great stuff here as you do grunge a better homage than some actual grunge songs themselves!

Sick drum-tro and bass on Charon! A fantastic Tool-like feel to this song and is now my fave! Outstanding, feverish bit at 3:27 till end!

Love the prog length and feel to New Saviour. This is a thorough sound belter that should please any musical taste with its stylish rhythmic changes and harsh-ass vox. I wish there would have been more chug-chugging like at 6:14, but that exit scream at 5:58…yea!

Overall, I like this metalish-fusion record (or whatever) and you’ve clearly put a lot of hard work into it. The vibe is not my usual groove but you hit the right chords of Audioslave, Monster Magnet, Tool, Days of the New and the like. There are some hints of metal but this disc stands in its own category. Darker and gloomier than I’d prefer but very well done and a great listen!


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