Review: Legacy of Silence – Our Forests Sing

Italian folk metal band Legacy of Silence started off as a trio back in 2014, and soon found its direction: to make music that described man’s experience in nature. Quite a few line-up changes put the creative output on hold, until 2017, when the band released its first EP, Nightfall. Now their first full-length, Our Forests Sing, is ready and we can’t wait to give it a go!

The first track is Witchwood, a folky song that is mainly marked by the sound of the transverse flute. Next up is Bloodhunt, a song that has some Ensiferum-quality to it, which delights me. I’m talking about that sweet combination between very guttural chants and the folky elements in the background. This definitely is a favorite of mine. That spirit continues on Misfortune, but still there is enough of an own style to it that it not just a mere copy. Torment is rather brutal, while Heresy kicks off as a very dreamy, ethereal track, only to pick up in brutality and stomping sound afterwards. I quite like this track as well. Another favorite is Nightfall, the second last track. The last one, Rebirth, starts off with some chants that take you to any tavern, before we experience another lovely folk metal track. A soft outro at its end then closes off the album.

In conclusion: Our Forests Sing is a quite strong debut album. Production could be better from time to time, but in general the songs are composed very nicely and one can appreciate the musical craftsmanship of the guys. Especially the transverse flute adds quality to the whole thing, so that Our Forests Sing never turns out to be boring. Especially folk metal lovers will appreciate this album, but it comes recommended to everyone. 9/10.

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