Live review: Prong and All Hail The Yeti at Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands, August 13th, 2019

This year it’s 25 years ago that Prong released their Cleansing album and because of that they are playing a few European festival- and a few club-shows during their 25 Years of Cleansing Europe Tour. During that tour they will play in The Netherlands three times, at festival Into The Grave and two club-shows in Helmond and Haarlem. I went to their last Dutch show, the one in Patronaat in Haarlem on Tuesday August the 13th. After I interviewed Prong’s frontman Tommy Victor, which you can read here, support act All Hail The Yeti started at half past seven.

What immediately stands out is All Hail The Yeti’s quite happy intro-tune. At first this is something that doesn’t really seem to fit with tonight’s show, but due to this All Hail The Yeti comes in extra heavy. So it works very well. As soon as they are on the stage there is a huge dose of energy coming from the stage, however this isn’t passing onto the audience all too much. Speaking of the audience, it is not very busy. Frontman Connor Garritty tries his best to pass this energy onto the audience, by encouraging the audience as well as with more direct interaction with some people. For example he promises a little boy a drumstick, which he can pick up at the merchstand after the show. However, he just got one, so Connor promises him a second one. Directly after the show he gets his second drumstick handed by drummer Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz, who drummed very tight with that drumstick. All Hail The Yeti delivers a very awesome show with a nice combination between heaviness and catchiness, including heavy headbanging parts as well as more melodic parts. However, they don’t only do so instrumentally, but also vocally. Frontman Connor mainly delivers raw shouty vocals while guitarist Dave Vanderlinde and bass player Nicholas Diltz mainly take care of the more melodic vocals. Guitarist Dave also plays some very nice solo’s.

After that nice opening show and a changeover of the stage it is time for Prong. In the meantime the venue becomes far more crowded and during the short soundcheck in the changeover a few very enthusiastic people are already looking under the curtain to see Prong. As soon as the curtains open the audience is very enthusiastic in terms of the applause Prong constantly gets. In terms of movement the main part of the audience seems to need some time first. However, further into the show more heads are going up and down and a moshpit arises. The fact that the audience at first isn’t moving that much can’t be due of Prong’s show though, because they deliver a lot of energy from start to finish. Aaron Rossi is drumming like a beast and his drums are pounding very powerful which, combined with Jason Christopher’s bass, creates a very nicely grooving, neck-breaking pace for this show. Jason expresses his energy especially through his special movements as well as banging his head. Vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor also shows a lot of energy, at some moments he jumps over the stage and he has a lot of interaction with the audience. He also shows to have a lot of fun during the show, something that contributes to this show’s atmosphere for sure. Of course he also shows some very nice solo’s. Prong plays a very tight show in which we, besides songs from Cleansing, also hear songs like Unconditional and Prove You Wrong as well as some later Prong songs such as Ultimate Authority and Cut and Dry.

This surely was a very awesome evening with two very nice shows!

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