Live review: Downfall of Gaia at Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands, November 3rd, 2019

A little over seven months ago I went to see Downfall of Gaia perform live for the first time. That was in Het Paard in Den Haag, where I had an interview with Downfall of Gaia’s Dominik Goncalves dos Reis and Anton Lisovoj before the show. You can read that interview here. Last Sunday, November the 3rd, it was again time to see Downfall of Gaia live. This time they performed in the Little Devil in Tilburg. While they, together with Herod, were support for The Ocean in March, now Downfall of Gaia performs a headline show, without any supports.

So, after the doors of the Little Devil opened, it is immediately waiting for Downfall of Gaia. Something that can be noticed quickly about the venue is that the stage has been changed. Now there are a few steps at the front of the stage so that bands can easier go on and off the stage, instead of it being at the side. The stage is also spanning the venue’s entire width, which makes the stage as well as the area for the audience clearer and more practical.

According to the time schedule Downfall of Gaia was supposed to start at eight o’clock, but they do start 30 minutes later. However, the intensity of this great show quickly makes up for that. The atmospheric, lingering guitars of Dominik and Marco Mazzola create an intense vibe that immediately gets the audience in the right mood. This is a show to let yourself go to entirely and looking at the audience that seems to be something that succeeds. The screams by Anton and the raw vocals that go through marrow and bone by Dominik are making everything even more intense, also due to the penetrating looks Dominik spits out his vocals with.

What’s standing out the most when looking at the stage is the intensity of drummer Michael Kadnar. He really is drumming like a beast! Extremely heavy, pretty brisk drums, which sometimes make you wonder whether Michael has four arms instead of two. Isn’t that distracting from the atmospheric, lingering effect of this show then? No, crazily enough not at all. It even adds something to it, because these drums and the atmospheric, lingering effect mainly coming from the guitars are augmenting each other.

After 45 minutes this show unfortunately already came to an end. Their show is a bit short, but the level of intensity has been very high on every moment of these 45 minutes, which surely makes up for it. Downfall of Gaia definitely didn’t only perform a show, but delivered an experience that overwhelmed as hell!

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