Review: Necrotted – Die for Something Worthwhile

German death metallers Necrotted are around since 2008 and already have quite some discography to show. The latest addition is Die for Something Worthwhile, an EP that was already released in October 2019. However, better late than never, we gave it a spin:

First up is the title track, which already starts off very heavy, only to be even further enhanced by gutturals that drive the songs stomping, dark atmosphere. The song ends with a blackened outro and makes way for Eudaimonia. Heavy riffs lead the way to a more metalcore song. Six Feet Deep, No Party Too Steep not only has a great title, but leans more towards brutal death metal and therefore is my favorite of the four songs. Last up: Weltschmerz. This is a very varied song that cannot really be described, but is best experienced.

In conclusion: The guys of Necrotted managed to deliver a great EP with strong musicianship, songwriting and production, and the only shame is that it’s very short (alas, but that’s the nature of an EP, isn’t it?). In any case, this wets the appetite for a longplayer – but in the meantime, check this one out! 9.5/10.

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