Review: Fluisteraars – Bloem

For everything there has to be a first time. For Fluisteraars this is the first album with coloured artwork instead of black and white, and the first time that all songs are shorter than ten minutes. Does it make it less beautiful? Not one bit!

In all honesty, Fluisteraars (whisperers) already got me without hearing one minute of their music. The idea of a black metal band using purely Dutch lyrics, not the first, nor the second language that one connects with this style, earns them top points. Secondly, every album- and song-title seem to be a poem, put together out of one or two words. The titles are little mysteries, in desperate need of unravelling.

Listening to the melodies and the lyrics makes clear that Fluisteraars does not simply combine black metal elements and easily put them together in a song. The lyrics are mysterious poems of longing and pain, the words carefully chosen, not mismatching in a poetry book. Although the opening song Tere Muur (fragile wall) sounds like a bulldozer, the other four songs on the album leave more space for melodic compositions and even clean guitar melodies. The song Vlek (stain) is a beautiful example of how a heavy song can evolve into an amazing sorrowful soundtrack and easily float into closing song Maanruïne (moonruin). This song even introduces copper instruments, making clear that Fluisteraars music is all but tradition, yet will satisfy both black- and melodic metal fans.

The only downsides that I can find is that the vocals in most songs are done mainly in the same style: growl/yelling the words at the same tone of voice. This could do with some variety, like they display in the song Maanruïne. The second downside: well, the length of the album. 33 minutes is way too short for this work of art, adding a few more songs or longer arrangement would make the album even more attractive.

For everything there has to be a first time. Never listened to a creative, experimental black metal band using purely Dutch poetic lyrics? This is your chance!

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