Review: Fluisteraars – Luwte

After the release of two demo’s, Fluisteraars made their first album called: Dromers (2014) which means ‘dreamers’. This album was very well received by the black metal underground scene, and one year later the Dutch band came up with their second album: Luwte, which means something like ‘lee’. But first..

Wow! This album simply is amazing. Everything is perfectly in it’s place. The drums, the vocals, the guitars.. every one of the four songs on this album (that runs for almost 45 minutes) is extremely well composed. There is not even one minute that bores me, they seem to continuously grab the attention of the listener, which is a rare thing. The riffs are not very difficult, but very catchy and most of all, very black metal!

Before they released this second full-length, it was already possible to listen to the song Stille Wateren, which means silent waters. It was a very good choice to already release this song, even though the other three songs are of the same level of perfection as this one. This song is the longest on the album (for over 15 minutes) and it contains every single one of the elements that make this album so amazing. The harsh black metal vocals, simple but interesting drums, cool riffs and even some acoustic parts which give a lot more depth to the album. Every time you are almost dreaming away on the atmospheric or acoustic parts, Fluisteraars will gain your full attention by throwing a raw, up-tempo part in your face. This is one of the main parts why this album is interesting for every one of the 45 minutes. They already created a masterpiece with Dromers, and in my opinion Luwte is a worthy follow up, maybe even transcending the first full-length.

So, for the likes of bands like Fen, Coldworld and Agalloch, please buy this album and support this amazing upcoming black metal band from the Netherlands!

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