Review: Ignea – The Realms of Fire and Death

Now, normally I might not even have reviewed this band because the music is a little bit different as opposed to what I usually listen to. However, when listening to their first single Queen Dies I was immediately intrigued by it. The beautifully harmonized clean vocals of singer Helle Bogdanova at first impression don’t betray the fact that this lady can also produce amazing screams. What attracts me to this album the most is the way that the two forms of singing blend perfectly together while being accompanied by insanely tight drums and heavy guitar riffs. What also intrigues me is the fact that the band uses elements from different music genres. The song What For for instance, has subtle folk influences, while the guitar riff of Gods of Fire makes me think of the grunge era.

Each song has its own characteristic and unique intro and is almost every time followed by strong drums and powerful guitars. The drums on this album are absolutely phenomenal and form a solid foundation for the rest of the musical violence. But the real beauty is in the details. Keyboards are added where they shine the most and the guitarists also really like to pull out a solo every once in a while. And although I don’t know much about vocal screams, they do bring character and depth and are in perfect sync with the clean vocals.

Singing in different languages also adds to the mystic and worldly vibe this band has and it makes them unique in my opinion. Whether it is Ukrainian, or in Faroese, like on the Eivør cover Í Tokuni, which is one of my favorites, every time as a listener it felt fresh and surprising.
Jinnslammer is my favorite song. It feels like all the elements that this band is implementing are in perfect balance here and the clean vocals are absolutely to die for. The song after that, Disenchantment gives of some Arabic vibes.

I really have grown to like this band and the new album I would recommend to everyone.

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