Review: Re-Armed – Ignis Aeternum

Re-Armed is a Finnish melodic death metal band which has been around since 2001, and since then released three full-lengths and one EP. Their newest opus, Ignis Aeternum, will be released June 5th. The band comments on their website that it is intended as “[…] an ode to life” – here is what it sounds like:

Symphonic! That’s my first association. Dive Within, the first track, is filled with symphonic elements, while having a nice melodeath undercurrent driving the song along. Beyond the Horizon dials that back a bit, but includes, like its predecessor, a lot of lean vocals – quite a surprise, but it works out well. Then comes the Ode to Life – with some COB-like riffs and tunes in the beginning, which is just my taste, so the ode is approved 😉 Eager to Collapse starts off very mellow, only to make way for a proper melodeath song. Brutality is even increased with Resistance, after which your ears get a bit of a break with The Hollow Lights. Remain Unbounded stomps along very nicely, as does Words Left Unsaid. The second-to-last track, Voyager, kicks your butt nicely. The album then closes off with the tenth track, Built to Last – a proper melodic death metal track.

In conclusion: Ignis Aeternum is quite a diverse album, almost as diverse as life itself. The core of the album is melodic death metal, but it is spiced up with symphonic and progressive elements. It all fits perfectly, thus nothing to complain and a big recommendation from my side for this album! 10/10.

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