Review: Born In Exile – Transcendence

Born In Exile is a progressive metal band hailing from Barcelona, Spain. Today, we will give their newest record, Transcendence, a spin.

Kick-off is Heretic Antiphon, a short instrumental track filled with drums and oriental influences. Things are then kicked up a notch with Enchantress – the forceful voice of Kris takes you on a journey that is filled with powerful riffs as well as mystique elements. Living Inside Me starts more mellow, but develops a drive that reminds of Symphony X, one of the bands Born In Exile feature as influences on their Facebook page. Herd of Deception in contrast leans more towards the symphonic end of things even though Kris also incorporates some growls and shouts in there. So far, the most outstanding track for me. After that, all fans of ballads will get their share with One More Line, another harmonious track that is sung with a lot of emotions, and thus has won me over as well. The following track, Ziggurat, is more upbeat, while Save Us has more of a rock’n’roll vibe to it. The Lighthouse of the Haunted Keeper is again a more romantic-symphonic track that slowly winds its way into your ear. The final track is Torch, a nice progressive track that rounds the whole album up quite nicely.

In conclusion: Born In Exile are a true progressive metal band that incorporates a lot of other influences – mainly symphonic and oriental tunes – and delivers a quite unique sound. The tracks are well phased and overall, Transcendence is a harmonious concept with great musicianship and a good production behind it. Thus, give it a spin! 9/10.

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