Exclusive Dutch video premiere: Melt – Land

On June the 19th the dark alternative rockers of Melt will be releasing their new full-length album, titled The Secret Teaching of Sorrow.

On May the 8th they already released the first single and video of this new album, titled Hellion. As you can see and hear here, it’s definitely not just some simple rock, it includes some nicely roaring guitars, a somewhat doomy atmosphere and some clean vocals as well as some nicely shouting vocals.

Today, they released another single off of The Secret Teaching of Sorrow, titled Land, and DutchMetalManiac is proud to give you the exclusive Dutch video premiere of it below.

Land may be a bit less heavy, but it certainly contains that same nice doomy atmosphere. It also is quite different compared to Hellion in terms of the guitars, Land contains more hypnotizing guitars instead of roaring ones. On top of that we’ll hear the great vocal range of Charlotte Shiroe’s clean vocals in Land. See and hear for yourself below!

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