Review: Conception – State of Deception

Norwegian progressive metallers Conception have been around since the early 90s, with a break of almost twenty years until they became active again in 2018. Their newest album is called State of Deception, and here is what it sounds like:

The first track is In Deception and to me, sounds like a James Bond soundtrack tune… we are talking the Roger Moore era, where they were actually good, so take that as a compliment. Next up is Of Raven and Pigs, which turns out to be a rock song, in my opinion, rather than a prog metal track. Still, this one’s bound to get your head banging, thus don’t dismiss it. Waywardly Broken reminds me strongly of Gotthard, and thus is personally a great track for me. No Rewind is also more of a rock song which has some oriental influences to it, while The Mansion is a bona fidae ballad. By the Blues starts with full force, only to pull back after a minute or so for a midtempo song filled with drama. She Dragoon then goes about the whole thing the other way around – it starts off slow and then kicks you in the butt afterwards. A remastered version of Feather Moves closes the album off.

In conclusion: Conception’s newest album is for sure a winner. I haven’t known the guys before, but to me, the similarities to Gotthard, which I love, are striking – but it’s not just a copy and paste state of things, but rather, I like the extra mile Conception goes in incorporating different styles. This one comes highly recommended! 10/10.

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