Review: Neurotic Machinery – Nocturnal Misery

Czech metallers Neurotic Machinery have quite a discography under their belts. Today, we’ll give you an insight into their latest album, entitled Nocturnal Misery. Here’s what is coming your way:

In a word: brutality. This holds true for virtually all songs, but each one is spiked with some little extras. Opener Nocturnal has some melodic death metal influences in its second part, while second track Oblivion has an entire softer outro. Slave and Uprising won’t let you breathe through at all, as harsh vocals meet unsoftened brutal beats. The ever so small break comes then in the form of Beneath the Sun’s intro, but soon enough, the track stomps along harsh vocals again. Universe dives off towards the metalcore corner. Closing off is Deceit, which seems to be another hallmark track, but then – lo and behold, there’s a saxophone at the end! That was unexpected but fit in nicely and was a refreshing closing statement to this album.

In conclusion: Nocturnal Misery is a true death metal album that is predominantly marked by brutality, but that incorporates little extras here and there that keep you engaged as listener. Thus, no boredom with that one, and I can recommend it to any death metal fans that are on the hunt for something with a twist. 9/10.

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