Interview: Born In Exile

In March the Spanish metallers of Born In Exile released their new album, titled Transcendence. Recently DutchMetalManiac’s Julia Obenauer reviewed it here and now she’s also interviewed them.

Hey guys! Thank you for doing this interview with DutchMetalManiac. Could you briefly introduce your band?

We are a contemporary progressive metal band from Barcelona. Our music is characterized by a powerful voice with many registers, very strong riffs, virtuous solos and unusual rhythm structures but easy on the ear. Our music talks about experiences from our past and subtle social critique. We’ve released two records, Drizzle of Cosmos (2017) & Transcendence (2020).

How was the band formed? Did you know each other before?

The band was formed in 2012 by ex-members from another Spanish band. In 2015 Kris (singer) became the new singer of the band and gave a big change in the style of our music. Transcendence is the true sound that we wanted since the beginning.

Let’s talk about your album, Transcendence. It got really good reviews so far, and I personally really liked it as well. How did you guys approach the songwriting and the recording?

It’s been a long process since we wrote the songs until we recorded the songs. Most of the songs are composed by Carlos and written by Kris, but we love to compose together.
Many things in Transcendence are involved. The theme of the song, what we want to express with it and the target. We like to be sharp but subtle in many ways as possible.

How long did it take to get the whole album done?

Nine months more or less, including the recording, mix and mastering.

Which band(s) inspire you and your songwriting?

Opeth, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Myrath, Leprous and a long etc.

I know that Spain has an active metal scene. What’s your opinion on the metal scene in your home country? Any bands you are really into at the moment?

There are many bands with lots of talent but in our country usually “metal” doesn’t succeed. The language barrier is tough for reaching the frontiers.
We have a few favourite bands from Spain like Mind Driller, In Mute and Docka Pussel.

Covid-19 is affecting everyone at the moment. How did it impact you as a band, and as individuals? Did you find any creative solutions for e.g. band practice?

Everyone has stopped right now. We released the album one week before our lockdown. Even while all our concerts have been canceled for 2020 (We had quite few including a tour through Europe) we tried to be as active as possible.

A lot of festivals and tours were cancelled. Did you have some gigs or a tour lined out already? If so: are you working on alternative dates, and when can we hopefully see you on tour?

We are trying to reschedule everything as soon as the venues had the permissions.

Quite a lot of bands also stream entire concerts, either live or pre-recorded. Is that something you did consider as well?

Yes, we’ve received a couple offers but due to the recent change in line up we still haven’t managed to make it happen. We hope we can in the near future.

Any of the greatest and/or most bizarre moments on or off stage you feel like sharing?

It is funny that in almost all soundchecks our equipment is always working properly then in the main show it doesn’t hehe.
Another curious thing that’s always happening to us is when we get together for a serious meeting of the band it is always raining outside (that’s the reason for Drizzle of Cosmos).

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Stay metal and support local bands!
Thank you for doing the interview!

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