Exclusive Dutch album premiere: Malacoda – Crawling Chaos

On April the 2nd, the Canadian metallers of Malacoda, consisting of vocalist/keyboardist Lucas Di Mascio, guitarist Wes MacDonald and bass player Zachary “Zak” Stulla, are releasing their next EP, titled Crawling Chaos.

However, today DutchMetalManiac is already proud to give you the exclusive Dutch premiere of Crawling Chaos in its entirety below.

The band says the following about Crawling Chaos: “After what feels like an eternity… Crawling Chaos is FINALLY here! While these four songs are out now for everyone to enjoy they are just a teaser of what the rest of the year has in store- that’s right, we’ve got more tunes planned for release later this year and we’re going heavier and darker on the next batch of songs! We wanted to thank everyone who was involved in this tremendously long journey for coming along for the ride and making this happen, we couldn’t do it without you.” 

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