Exclusive Dutch video premiere: Scattered Hamlet – Stereo Overthrow

On November the 12th Scattered Hamlet will be releasing their new album, titled Stereo Overthrow.

Today, DutchMetalManiac is proud to give you the exclusive Dutch premiere of Scattered Hamlet’s video for Stereo Overthrow‘s opening title track below.

Scattered Hamlet’s frontman Adam Joad said the following about it: “We were really inspired by Rudy Ray More and his journey as “Dolemite.” Here’s a guy that every film distributor laughed at but he knew his audience and had faith in his product. He’s a legend. When we started talking to record labels, they were talking to us because what we were doing worked, but then they wanted to change everything because they didn’t understand what we were doing or our audience. It made me think of Rudy and “Dolemite” so we made a video that was a nod to sticking to your guns and doing things your own way when everyone wants you to be something else.”

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