Interview: Rat King

Recently, DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed Rat King’s bass player Nick Graman.

Hey, how are you?

My name is Nick Graman and I play bass for Rat King. We’re doing well! Thank you for asking, and having us answer some questions! 

Can you tell us something about the history of Rat King?

Sure! We formed in late 2016 as a three piece and in 2017 they added me as the bass player, then we recorded our first EP called Barren. We had a few other single releases since then and a few lineup changes here and there, but we trudged along and finally released our debut album Omen. We’re excited for this thing to finally be in the hands of our listeners! 

For people not knowing Rat King (yet), how would you describe your music yourself?

I’d say we are in the “doomgaze” genre as a whole. We blend a bunch of different styles into one. I’d say it depends on the song we write as well. We incorporate so many different styles, that we honestly could surprise you with anything. We have some grunge influence, mainly Alice In Chains-like in the vocals, we incorporate some stoner doom influence and some 70’s rock in places. We’re all over the place and I think that is best on how to describe us. 

When someone doesn’t know Rat King yet and you can choose one of your songs to present yourself, which song would that be? 

I’d say it would have to be Vagrant. I think it shows how versatile we are. That song blends so many different styles and it goes hand-in-hand with how I responded to the previous question. It’s all over the place, it shows what we can do and how we can surprise you. 

What makes Rat King unique? 

I think it’s how each of us brings a different style to the music. We all have branching, different tastes and it bridges together in this band. When anyone comes to see us live, you’ll easily understand what I mean. We all have different styles and I think that is what sets us apart from most. 

Any future plans you can already tell us something about?

We do have a second album planned out! It’s gonna be a mammoth once it’s finished. But that is all I can say and can share at the moment, more details will be shared as we go along that journey.

Any upcoming gigs for Rat King? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

We have a few local shows planned, but next year we are planning a small US tour and we can’t wait to meet new faces! 

How do you think your life would be without music?

Music I can say is important to each of us in this band. We all consume so much of it and it’s literally a part of each of us. We are so passionate about it, we just love listening, sharing and creating music with each other. We’ve been doing it for years and I don’t ever see it slowing down any time soon. Releasing this album has put fresh life into this band and it’s changing right before our eyes. None of us ever saw this coming and its honestly humbling. Without music, in my opinion, life has no meaning. It’s that important to each of us. 

What advice would you give to young and starting bands?

Don’t ever give up. Seriously. Being in a band is HARD. It’s not always all fun and games. There will be times where it is fun and all that, but it is a mental test as well. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting and there will be times where you think it isn’t worth it. But trust me, it’s always worth it. Whether it’s one person who listens to your music or 100 million, just don’t ever give up. Put your heart into it and it will make it all worth it. I know that sounds cheesy, but with what I have personally been through with this band, it’s the honest truth. Also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The worst that any promoter, reviewer or potential fan can say is “No thanks” or that it isn’t for them. You won’t win over every one and that’s okay.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

No problem! Thank you for having us! For all the readers out there, please check us out and if you have already, thank you SO much! We hope one day to meet you all and play for you!

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