Review: Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising

Helsinki-based rockers Santa Cruz released their third full-length, entitled Bad Blood Rising, already in November last year – but this won’t stop me from reviewing it for you!

Bad Blood Rising kicks off with Young Blood Rising, before the clear vocals and group-shouting the chorus give you that feeling of a hymn with River Phoenix. Fire Running Through Our Veins starts off with some sludge-influence, but then turns out to be a straight, kick-ass rock track. Drag Me Out Of The Darkness substitutes the sludge-elements of its predecessor for some ballad-elements. Big emotions here! Breathe is a very much reduced, acoustic track that helps you calm down before it’s an in-your-face-feeling again with Voice Of The New Generation. More of the same can be found on Back From The Dead, before Bad Habits Die Hard then again offers some emotions and acoustic passages. Pure Fucking Adrenaline is a classic stoner rock track that makes your head bang. Get Me Out Of California is the closest we get to a ballad, with a choir towards the end and again a lot of emotions. Lastly, River Phoenix makes a comeback with its second part, which is very similar to Get Me Out Of California.

In conclusion: Santa Cruz released another well-rounded album where they stick to their guns – sound-wise, but also in terms of emotional songwriting and great musicianship. A lot of diversity can be found in the songs, so that they never get boring, and thus Bad Blood Rising comes very much recommended! 9/10.

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