Live review: The Hu at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 1st, 2019

Last year the first two songs with their accompanying videos, Yuve Yuve Yu and Wolf Totem, of the Mongolian Hunnu rock band The Hu went viral. After that the band released another song, Shoog Shoog, and they announced that they are going to release their debut album, titled The Gereg, on September the 13th. Besides that they also announced to go on tour in Europe as well as in North America. On July the 1st, when they have already toured Europe for almost a month, The Hu is playing in the Melkweg venue in Amsterdam. Just as all their other headline shows this show is sold out.

Around one hour before The Hu will be entering the stage the Melkweg opened its doors and the many people that are already waiting outside are allowed to come inside. Once inside the venue it soon is quite busy in front of the stage of the Melkweg’s Oude Zaal. There is no support act this evening so everybody is waiting and getting enthusiastic until the moment that the four band members, Gala, Enkush, Jaya and Temka, together with four live-musicians are entering the stage.

When that moment finally comes the enthusiastic outburst is immense. Soon people are screaming, clapping their hands along with the nice rhythms and getting their fists in the air while shouting “Hu! Hu! Hu!” This is a really nice party from the moment the band started to play. Of course, that’s because of the audience’s enthusiasm but the band themselves also contribute to this for a big part. Especially Gala and Jaya are cheering up the audience even more, sometimes even in Mongolian, but Mongolian or English, that doesn’t matter, because the message seems to come through. It can also be seen very clearly that they are really happy with the response of the audience.

Musically the traditional Mongolian instruments are of course standing out the most, especially the horse headed fiddle and the jaw harp. Besides that it is also very nice that there is not only a drummer, but also a percussionist. Of course the vocals can’t be forgotten to mention. The traditional throat singing sounds very hypnotizing, while the regular combination with the very nice sound of the horse headed fiddle makes it even more hypnotizing. The fact that The Hu’s show is, apart from a few moments, quite static isn’t something that matters, because of this hypnotizing atmosphere and the many people that are on stage. This is a show to dive in completely and because of the hypnotizing music, the nice rhythms and the good atmosphere that seems to succeed very well.

Of course the already released songs, Yuve Yuve Yu, Wolf Totem and Shoog Shoog are received with most enthusiasm. Yuve Yuve Yu even is played another time, as an encore. However, the other songs are also very well appreciated and all are received with quite some enthusiasm and loud applauding. Especially the song The Great Chinggis Khaan gives me goosebumps, but all songs that The Hu are playing this evening are strong for sure.

The Hu performed a very great show for sure and hopefully we’ll hear a lot more of this band in the future!

Our interview with The Hu will be online soon!

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