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We’re back with another part of Promoting Bands for you. Hope you enjoy the bands in here!

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Tim van Velthuysen


We start this part of Promoting Bands with three pretty grooving bands. The first of those is the Indian band Sarfaad, consisting of vocalist Arbaaz Khan, drummer Reeshav Gohain and guitarists Sushant Vohra and Sanjeet Khuraijam, which only has been in existence shortly yet. In fact, they recently just released their first track. This track, which was released on April the 20th, is titled Painting A Villain and can be heard below. Painting A Villain immediately sounds very promising, it pounds and grooves very heavily, making it almost impossible to not move your head while listening to this. Painting A Villain is not only heavy and very energetic, but also contains a quite modern-vibing layer, with especially the guitars flying around fast. Sarfaad’s debut track certainly promises a lot for the future of this band and I am already looking forward to more material from these Indian pounders!

Sarfaad Facebook
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The second pretty grooving band is the Norwegian band Zerozonic. While Zerozonic, currently consisting of guitarist Daniel “Peisy” Olaisen, vocalist Arvid Tjelta, bass player Nicolay “Jørni” Johnsen and drummer Tor Atle Andersen, already released four full-length albums before, I just discovered them recently. As a fan of bands such as Pantera, this definitely was a very nice discovery! Zerozonic grooves heavily and delivers a very energetic vibe. Zerozonic’s last album, which is self-titled, might already date back to 2017, it certainly is very recommended, just as their three other albums are. Recently they also released some new material. Even though this only is one single, it certainly isn’t less nice. This single, which you can hear below, is titled Road Tale and again delivers a very nice vibe. I am surely going to listen to Zerozonic’s music regularly in the future and I am already looking forward to their upcoming singles, which in the end will be included in their upcoming album, too!

Zerozonic Facebook

Drowning Deep

The third pretty grooving band, Drowning Deep, is the first German band of this part of Promoting Bands. Because of that they also are the first of another list in here: the last three bands are all coming from Germany. Drowning Deep might already exist since 2006, nonetheless we’re again writing about a debut. This debut is titled Human Decay and was released in October of last year. The quite large gap between Drowning Deep’s formation and this debut mainly is due to the many line-up problems they had to deal with. However, that line-up is complete now: Salvatore Carroni and Martin Reh, who also plays bass, are delivering the vocals, Robert Stephanus and Jan-Philipp Merten are the guitarists, Friedrich Beddermann plays the keys and Lars Weißgerber drums. Drowning Deep shows a nice dose of groove metal on Human Decay, which at moments also includes a quite melodic vibe and sometimes this even includes some symphonic elements, such as can be heard in the album closer Jump in the Fire and the accompanying Outro. Vocally there are clean vocals to be heard, as well as grunts and screams, such as can be heard in Gravity, in which we’ll also hear a nice guitar solo. The only real disadvantage Human Decay has, is that there regularly is some noise to be heard, something that especially can be noticed in the calmer Outro.

Drowning Deep Facebook

Satan Worship

The next, nowadays entirely Germany-based band Satan Worship also pounds, but in quite a different way, doing so with black/thrash metal. Satan Worship, currently consisting of vocalist/bass player Leatherface Perkele, guitarist Max the Nekromancer and drummer Marc Reign El Patron, released its debut full-length, titled I’m the Devil, in 2017. At the end of January I’m the Devil has a successor though. This second Satan Worship album is titled Teufelssprache and is released via Folter Records. On Teufelssprache Satan Worship again shows to pound very nicely in their black/thrash way, with the song Antichrist standing out the most in terms of this. The nicely humming bass, the nice guitar-parts, such as the solos in Death Incarnate and Antichrist or the beginning of La Catedral, as well as the filthy vibe of Satan Worship’s music are standing out on this album. That filthy vibe especially comes from the vocals as well as the production of the album, which in this case fits quite well.

Satan Worship Facebook

Thoughts Factory

The third German band is the progressive metal formation Thoughts Factory. In 2014, keyboardist Sven Schornstein, bass player Bernd Schönegge, drummer Chris Maldener, guitarist Markus Wittmann and former vocalist Marcus Becker released Thoughts Factory’s debut album, titled Lost. Nowadays, Cornelius Wurth is Thoughts Factory’s vocalist. Since January the 24th he also can be heard on studio-material of Thoughts Factory. On that day the second album of this band was released. This successor of Lost is titled Elements and is released via Melodic Revolution Records. Cornelius Wurth’s vocals are perfectly fitting with the melodic prog-sound Thoughts Factory shows on Elements. Elements has its symphonic moments, some more up-tempo, heavier moments and some quite calm moments, such as can be heard in Nightfall and the album closing title track, and Thoughts Factory knows how to vary in this for sure. Surely recommend for proggers!

Thoughts Factory Official Website
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