Promoting Bands Part 21 Death Metal Edition


Here we have a new part of Promoting Bands for you! This time it’s death metal based.

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Tim van Velthuysen

Meadows End

The first band of this part of Promoting Bands hails from Sweden: Meadows End. This year these Swedish symphonic/melodic death metallers already exist for 20 years. After some demo’s and two EP’s, they released their first full-length album, titled Ode To Quietus, in 2010. Six years after releasing that first full-length album they released their latest album so far, Sojourn. This album contains very nice melodic death metal with a perfect dose of symphonic aspects, which aren’t annoying nor discrete. However, there is news concerning Meadows End: soon Sojourn will get a successor. This successor will be titled The Grand Antiquation and will be released on March the 4th via the also Swedish record label Black Lion Records. Below you can watch the video for the track Non-Dreaming Eye, which is already very promising for The Grand Antiquation!

Meadows End Official Website
Meadows End Facebook
Meadows End Instagram

Black Therapy

Black Therapy will also, just as Meadows End, release a new album in March. This album, titled Echoes of Dying Memories, will be released via the same record label as Meadows End’s new album, Black Lion Records, on March the 11th. These Italians formed a band in 2009 and released their debut album, called Symptoms of a Common Sickness, in 2013. Three years after releasing that debut album Black Therapy released their second full-length In the Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile. Between those two full-length albums they released the 2014 EP The Final Outcome. On their latest album, 2016’s In the Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile, Black Therapy brings some great melodic death metal which, partly due to its big dose of atmosphere and melancholy, sometimes tends a bit towards black metal. So Echoes of Dying Memories will be the successor of In the Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile and based on the teaser below we can surely expect a nice atmosphere!

Black Therapy Official Website
Black Therapy Facebook
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Black Therapy Instagram

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu plays death metal which is less melodic than the two aforementioned bands. Since their formation in 2000 these Japanese already released a few demo’s. In 2009 these demo’s were followed by their full-length debut, titled Mouryou. After Mouryou the albums Legend of Shadow (2013), Retributive Justice (2015) and Where Warriors Once Dreamed A Dream (2016) followed. The last one of these got a successor in October: Gotsu Totsu Kotsu’s fifth full-length album The Final Stand. The samurai metal of Gotsu Totsu Kotsu, based on their samurai-themed lyrics and style, pounds very heavily. Kouki Akita’s drums, Keiichi Enjouji’s guitar, Haruhisa Takahata’s bass guitar as well as his vocals are all used with full intensity. What stands out the most for me personally is the sound of the bass guitar that batters very heavily. Below you can listen to Civilizations and Wars, coming off The Final Stand.

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu Official Website
Gotsu Totsu Kotsu Official English Website
Gotsu Totsu Kotsu Facebook
Gotsu Totsu Kotsu Twitter


Now it’s time for the smooth jazz from Kunstzone… not! Kunstzone themselves call their music music for the first snuff generation. Whatever subgenre this is, it for sure is heavy as fuck! Kunstzone’s music seems to contain musical influences from death-, black- and industrial metal as well as grindcore, all mixed together in a perfect way. After releasing three full-lengths and one EP since their formation in 2014, Kunstzone, consisting of vocalist Andy Benz and Alex Rise, who takes care of all instrumental parts, released their fourth full-length and second EP in 2018. That latest EP, titled The Revision Mixes, contains remixes of their 2016 album The Art of Making the Earth Uninhabitable and was released on December the 1st. Kunstzone’s fourth full-length has already been released on October the 12th and is titled Solarborn. While listening to Solarborn, something you can do below, it becomes very clear that Kunstzone’s music is very heavy and complex while containing a lot of different musical styles. The very well executed Solarborn is definitely a pleasant surprise to listen to. In my opinion Kunstzone’s music is quite unique and the only band that comes to mind a bit while describing their style is Anaal Nathrakh. Definitely a band worth checking out!

Kunstzone Facebook


We finish this part of Promoting Bands with a Dutch band: the downtempo/deathcore/slam formation Distant. In 2014 this band, consisting of vocalist Alan Grnja, bass guitarist Elmer Maurits, drummer Shainel Ramharakh and guitarists Nouri Yetgin and Vladimir Golic, released their debut single, titled Gallant. In the four years that followed they released two EP’s and another five singles, two of them being covers. The latest single released by this quintet dates back to November and is called Zeroten. The video of this latest, nicely pounding single can be seen below. However, Zeroten isn’t just a new track, but also a teaser track for Distant’s full-length debut. This full-length debut will be titled Abyssal Tyrannotophia and will be released by Unique Leader Records in the Spring of 2019. Zeroten surely is a nice teaser for Abyssal Tyrannotophia

Distant Official Website
Distant Facebook


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