Promoting Bands Part 40 Death Metal Edition


Here’s a new part of Promoting Bands for you, a death metal edition this time. Hope you enjoy the bands in here!

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Tim van Velthuysen


Eugen Kohl, from Germany, already has released quite some material the last years: with Donarhall he already released seven, with Death Carrier five, with Hexengrab three, with both Nihilisticon and Sinister Downfall two, and with Cinereous Rain, Crypt Witch, Essence of Blasphemers and Necrochaos one, all released in the past three years. In Necrochaos, Eugen is the sole member, just as in Donarhall, Death Carrier, Hexengrab, Sinister Downfall and Crypt Witch. This part is about the Necrochaos release, titled Crawling Through Cadavers, digitally self-released in October last year and in February rereleased digitally and on CD by Godz ov War Productions, with two extra tracks, Engulfed in Chaos and Caves of Void. On Crawling Through Cadavers he delivers a crushing, all-destroying kind of death metal. Walls of distorted guitars are the base and on top of that powerful, crushing drums and a very deep grunt that goes through marrow and bone are added. Especially those last two aspects are what’s making Crawling Through Cadavers that crushing. Those grunts might be a bit low in the mix, but crazily enough that fits very well and only adds to the vibe of Crawling Through Cadavers. At some moments a well-timed tempo-change is added to bring in a bit of variation, but that’s certainly not making it any less intensely pounding.

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Conquest Icon

And Necrochaos’ Crawling Through Cadavers isn’t the only death metal release by Godz ov War Productions in this part of Promoting Bands. The second album of the Polish death metallers from Conquest Icon, titled Empire of the Worn is also highly recommended. It was released on March the 13th. Conquest Icon, currently consisting of vocalist Ronve, guitarist/vocalist Andy Blakk, guitarist Major, bass player Blast! and drummer Imp blends a bit of black metal influences in their death metal, but death metal remains the main element of their music. Gritty guitarwalls and pummeling drums, backboned by a heavily chugging bass-sound are crushing your eardrums for 40 minutes while listening to Empire of the Worn. The vocals are very raw and very fitting with the music, a bit varying between low grunts, going a little bit less low, screaming here and there, sometimes a bit more shoutier vocals and even some clean, spoken-word-like, vocals. Empire of the Worn‘s titletrack and Crown the Beast probably are the best examples to check out these vocal variations. A nice death metal album for sure!

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The death metal of the UK band Embodiment is quite different from that of the aforementioned bands. Embodiment’s death metal also includes some technical death metal and deathcore influences. Five years ago they released their self-titled debut full-length and now they’re back with their second full-length album, titled Palingenesis. What Embodiment, currently consisting of guitarist Finn Maxwell, drummer Leslie Preston, vocalist Harry Smithson and bass player Kieran Hogarty, delivers with Palingenesis is not only heavy as fuck, but it also has quite a bombastic, at some moments even leaning towards epic, feeling over it. It’s not the entire album that has that, but there are quite some moments during which this can be heard, making it an important, and nice, aspect of this album. At some moments this bombastic vibe can be heard a bit more, sometimes more technical guitar-work can be heard, while at other moments there’s quite some melody to be found. Vocally Palingenesis also sounds very furious, alternating between deep grunts and fierce screams. Almost everything on Palingenesis is sounding very powerful. Very recommended to check out!

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Sometimes you discover a band that’s already making music for quite some time but the first thing you’ll hear from them is their most recent album. To me that’s the case with the New Zealand band Ulcerate, currently consisting of drummer Jamie Saint Merat, guitarist Michael Hoggard and bass player/vocalist Paul Kelland, and their recently released sixth album, titled Stare into Death and Be Still. What an album that is! It’s immensely powerful and crushing, a huge wall of sound is pulverizing your eardrums for almost an hour. It’s brutal but very atmospheric at the same time, making that you can completely drown in it while getting crushed by it. Those atmospheric vibe in combination with the brutality, the various rhythm and tempo changes and the many multiple layers Ulcerate shows in their music are making a really dark journey of each listening session in which you can discover new things each time. I am glad I’ve discovered Stare into Death and Be Still and Ulcerate as a band and I am definitely going to listen their earlier stuff as well. If you like your metal crushing and brutal while you also appreciate it being combined with atmospheric vibes, be sure to check out Ulcerate and their new album Stare into Death and Be Still

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Angelcrypt is another band that already exists for quite a while. These Maltese metallers already formed back in 1997, while they released their debut EP, titled From Abyss to Glory in 2003. Four years later a second EP, titled Echoes of Death was released, but it was just four years ago when Angelcrypt released their full-length debut, titled We are the Dead. Recently, on June the 12th, Angelcrypt, currently consisting of vocalist Joseph Grech, guitarists Shawn Mizzi and Peter Grech, bass player Jean Cutajar and drummer Josef Bray released their second full-length album, titled Dawn of the Emperor. Angelcrypt also delivers death metal but in a much more melodic way than the other bands in this part of Promoting Bands. On Dawn of the Emperor they very well alternate between very melodic, but still heavy parts and more straightforward-headbanging parts, while the transitions between these are done very fluently. At some moments it is also quite grooving, such as at the end of On Killing Fields, halfway into Iron Creed and in Si Vis Pacem. Here and there a nicely roaring guitar solo is thrown in as well, such as in As Death Endures. Something else that’s quite noticeable are the very deep-sounding, but at the same time surprisingly intelligible grunts. 

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