Promoting Bands Part 27 (+ exclusive Dutch premiere)


Here we are again with another part of Promoting Bands! This time it also includes one exclusive Dutch premiere. Hope you enjoy the bands in here!

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Tim van Velthuysen

Legacy of Cynthia

Pounding drums, melodic guitars, a punching bass and extremely nice sounding, heavy vocals, all mixed in a very pounding, at moments progressive-sounding combination with sometimes a few synths or keyboards added. That’s exactly what Legacy of Cynthia does and they do so in a very well-executed way. In the two years that followed after their formation in 2010, they released two EP’s, respectively Voyage and II. In 2014 their debut full-length, titled Renaissance, followed. Two years later they released its successor Danse Macabre. Renaissance as well as Danse Macabre are both most certainly worth checking out. Besides the aforementioned combination they also show quite a lot of variation within those albums. However, Danse Macabre is already three years old, which might let you wonder how Legacy of Cynthia sounds right now. It is possible to hear that now, because recently some good news came out from Legacy of Cynthia: they’re about to make another twist in their career. So, we can expect new Legacy of Cynthia songs this year! In March they already released the first one of those songs, including video, which you can check below. The song is called Monster and sounds awesome!

Legacy of Cynthia Facebook
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In 2014 we already reviewed Zaum’s debut album Oracles, as you can read here. Since then, this band, consisting of Kyle Alexander McDonald and Christopher Lewis, also released a second and third album, respectively Himalaya to Mesopotamia (2015) and Eidolon (2016). Soon they will add a fourth album to that. This fourth album will be titled Divination and will be released via Listenable Records. Divination contains three songs with lengths varying from a bit less than 9 minutes to 18,5 minutes, which gives Divination a total length of 41 minutes. Do you like slow, upbuilding, doomy, sludgy music? Then Zaum’s mantra-doom would be great for you and you will love Divination. Are you more someone searching for something extremely fast and/or progressive? Then you can probably skip this band. Based on drums and bass, Zaum also play other, more special instruments on Divination, such as a nicely sounding sitar and a didgeridoo. These special instruments give Divination an extra oriental vibe which, combined with the hypnotic basis of drums and bass, give this album a very in-trance-bringing and ritualistic-sounding vibe. That’s something Kyle and Christopher probably also wanted to do more with when playing live, because they recently welcomed Nawal Doucette as an official member of Zaum. She takes care of Zaum’s visual performance art and ambiance. Something that almost can’t be other than fitting Zaum’s music perfectly! Below you can watch the trailer of Divination.

Zaum Official Website
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Hollywood, Bollywood, Bloodywood.. Wait, what? Bloodywood? Yes, where Hollywood and Bollywood of course have more to do with movies, that isn’t the case with Bloodywood. Bloodywood is a very nice metal band coming from New Delhi, India. Vocalist Jayant Bhadula and Karan Katiyar, who is responsible for all music, started with Bloodywood in 2016 by creating metal versions of pop-songs such as Luis Fonsi’s Despacito and Everybody from the Backstreet Boys. Besides those they also made some metal versions of a few traditional Indian songs such as Ari Ari, which sounds really awesome. Now, Bloodywood also released three of their own, original songs, including videos, on their Youtube-channel. The latest of those three, Machi Bhasad (Expect a Riot), can be checked below. Now, rapper Raoul Kerr, who already featured on earlier Bloodywood songs, also became an official member of Bloodywood. This is an extremely awesome, very promising band that sounds very heavy, including folky elements, English raps and clean as well as brutal vocals in Punjabi. Bloodywood for sure is a band to keep track of in the future. Want to see this band live? You can! Unfortunately they aren’t playing in The Netherlands yet, but they will play different shows in Germany, for example Wacken Open Air, the UK and the Taman Festival in Russia.

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Recently my girlfriend got a band recommendation, a band she also recommended to me. It was the band Welicoruss, originally coming from Russia, but nowadays based in the Czech Republic. That recommendation soon proved to be very well welcome, unfortunately it was a few days after their Dutch show, but that only makes my personal hunger to a possible upcoming Dutch show of this nice symphonic black metal band even bigger. This band clearly creates its own version of symphonic black metal. The symphonic aspects are brought in a very epic way and could almost be called orchestral. They also released two of their own songs, Slava Rusi and Kharna, besides the original versions, in orchestral/classical versions. Furthermore this band, consisting of vocalist Alexey Boganov, guitarist Gojko Maric, drummer Ilya Tabachnik and bass player Tomáš Magnusek, also mixes an big dose of folk-influences into their music, something that makes everything even more epic and unique. The fact that Welicoruss’ lyrics are in their native tongue Russian, a language that fits this music very well, also of course adds to that. Below you can listen to their latest album, titled Az Esm’.

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Ethereal Kingdoms

Heartchamber is the first story from the debut album of the Danish theatrical symphonic metal band Ethereal Kingdoms. It tells the story of a broken connection between two people.

However, when we have forged a bond to someone, it doesn’t break just that easily.

It grows inside our chests and we may remain in each other’s hearts for ages – sometimes for better, but often for worse. Like lost ghosts, we walk inside the chambers of each other’s hearts, even if we are the cause of each other’s misery. Despite the connection being broken, the bond is still strong through the pain and heartbreak that inevitably follows in the trail of romance. We bleed because we loved. Somehow, it is beautiful in all its destructive glory. A beautifully bittersweet glistening tale of love and loss.

The story draws on connections to the tales told in the band’s 2018 dual singles Beginnings and Endings, and the voice of the wrongdoer is embodied by Sofia Schmidt’s emotional vocals, featuring award-winning singer-songwriter Amalie Skriver on backing vocals.

Ethereal Kingdoms is a brand new symphonic metal act coming from Denmark, consisting of vocalist Sofia Schmidt, guitarist Christian Rasmussen, bass player Jakob Holm and drummer Jon Elmquist. Heartchamber is taken from the coming debut album to be released through Mighty Music in autumn 2019 (date TBA).

DutchMetalManiac is proud to give you the exclusive Dutch video premiere of Ethereal Kingdoms’ Heartchamber below.

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